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Video Poker
Have you been contemplating online video poker? The fact that you're reading our game introduction is a good indication that you have been. Whether you love poker and are looking for a new way to play, whether you've heard there's money to be made in getting good at video poker, or whether you're just a totally poker newbie that likes the idea of playing the game alone, can help you get started.

Playing online video poker really isn't hard, it's playing video poker well that takes some work. To play, you need only put money or credits into a machine, decide how many credits to bet, and press the Deal/Draw button. Five cards appear on the screen, and you click a button beneath each to determine which you want to keep. Press Deal/Draw again and your other cards are replaced. If the resulting hand is high enough in value, then you win; if it isn't, then you lose. It's as simple as that.

Video Poker Rules
Some minor video poker rules vary from one machine to the next, but ultimately they all play with the same Five Card Draw-based format. That means that no matter which variation you play—whether it's the most basic Jacks or Better game or the newest Double Joker Poker Level Up game—you can expect a similar routine at every machine: the same machine layout, buttons, betting options, five-card hands, and hand combinations. The only thing that changes is which hands win, and how much you'll get with them. For example, with a Jacks or Better game a pair of Jacks or Better will win you your bet back, while two pair will earn you double your bet. Alternately, at a Deuces Wild game the winning hand combinations may start with two pair or even three of a kind.

Video Poker Strategies
Winning video poker strategies change from one machine to the next. Quite frankly, if you don't change your strategy when you change your game, then you won't win. Play your cards right at some video poker machines, and you could find yourself in what's called a “positive expectation” scenario. That means that on some video poker machines, a perfect strategy can yield a consistent profit. There is no single video poker strategy that applies to all online video poker games; to win, you'll need a unique strategy for each.